Kanger eVod Kit Review – By X-Smoker

What’s up all.

Kanger eVod Starter Kit

Today, I’m going to review a pretty nifty piece of equipment. It’s the Kanger eVod Starter Kit. KangerTech makes this product, and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. It comes complete with two Kanger eVod clearomizers, five coils for the clearomizers, a charger, two 650 mah batteries, a charging cable and wall charger, an instruction booklet, and a really spiffy gift box.

The Kanger eVod batteries included in this kit are very high quality. They’re easily the build quality of a genuine Joy E-Tech battery (i.e. a real eGo battery), if not better. The button you press to vape has a very high quality feel about it, and it changes color based on how much battery life is left. It also fades on and off, which is a very nice touch. I like that you get two batteries in this kit, so you’ll always have one in case the charge on one dies.

The clearomizers included are, again, ultra high quality. They’re Kanger-branded eVods, not generic Chinese knock-offs which are (unfortunately) rather prevalent in the e-cig market. These clearomizers distinguish themselves by their color coordination with the batteries included in the kit. If you ever hear a ‘gurgling’ noise coming from them, simply wrap the end in a paper towel, and lightly blow out the excess liquid into the paper towel.

The extra coils are a nice addition. Two clearomizers and five coils are enough for most people for at least a month. The coils should be changed every week or two, since there will be a buildup of flavorings and sweetener on the tiny, bottom-fed wick in these coils. To replace them, simply unscrew the original wick from an empty clearomizer and screw the new one in. Simple as that. They’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.

This kit is available in five colors from FlavorPuff.com – I highly recommend checking them out, since their prices are competitive, and products normally arrive within three days through Priority Mail.

Overall, the Kanger eVod kit is a nice addition to anyone’s arsenal. The high build quality, solid construction, and top-shelf components equal a great vaping experience for anyone. To submit your own reviews of the Kanger Evod Kit, check out VaporKnowledge.com’s Kanger Evod page.

Final Rating: 4.5/5


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